TTT Company Railway

The Taupo Totara Timber Company had large stands of native forest to the north west and north of lake Taupo. A mill was built at Kopakorahi (near the Kinleith site of today) in the early 1900's and TTT also constructed a mill at Mokai with a light rail line between these to mills.

By 1905 they were carting logs to Putaruru via this line and in 1908 started transporting passengers and goods. In 1946, the Government purchased this line and rebuilt a section from Putaruru creating a new NZR line. It was completed in 1952 providing rail transport for the Kinleith paper mill which was completed in 1954.

Early accounts of rail in the South Waikato can be found in chapter XV of Pioneering the Pumice by author Edward Earle Vaile and published by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited, 1939