About The Museum Site


The Putaruru Timber Museum is built on the site of one of the many mills that sprung up throughout the South Waikato in the 1940's.

The Tuck and Watkins mill was built on the site in 1944 and closed down in 1969. For 3 years it was a derelict building.

The Putaruru Timber Museum was born from the passion of a small dedicated group known as the Timber Museum Society back in 1972. The society was offered a lease on the present site and the first buildings arrived in 1977. The Tuck and Watkins Mill and Taupo Totara Timber Order Office  were opened to the public in September 1981. The Cookhouse Cafe opening and the Loggers Fun open day were held in March 1982.  Since then more buildings and projects have been added to the site. The Timber Museum of New Zealand Trust took over the management and development of the museum on April 1 2007 and has plans to transform the Museum into an iconic Heritage Park.